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Customer Comments 

"Oh my gosh, it is soooo beautiful, it means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I've already showed all my friends at work, they all love it. Thank you for such individual attention by sending the picture of the finished product, now who else does that!" Laurie Ann A.

"Thank you for responding so quickly. I wish other online business' had the same ethics as you. You are doing a great thing with these Deployment Bracelets, and I will probably be purchasing a couple of more. One for my Granddaughter, and another for myself. Thank you so much for making our troops #1." Mary P.

"The Cancer Awareness Bracelets are just beautiful!!!!!!! I was so excited to get them. My dad is 58 years old been battling cancer for 7 years now and has not be given much time...when I saw these bracelets I thought that they would be a great source of comfort for my sister and mom. I have never even heard of a Cancer Awareness Bracelet and cannot wait to wear it and show it off, especially to my the way I am nurse! I will be sure to recommend you.....Thank You" Kim

"Just a short note of thanks to you. I received one of your Cancer Awareness Bracelets this Christmas as a gift from my stepsister who is more than the word implies. This year we lost our stepmother (and mother) to pancreatic cancer and it was going to be another tough Christmas as 20 years ago on my birthday I lost my mother to colon cancer. My bracelet honors both mothers in away I could never have thought of. I wear the bracelet every day and it reminds me of them and to always remember them in a special way. Thank you for your bracelets and I will be sure to pass the word along about them. Thank you." Kelly M.

"Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on the Deployment Bracelet. I do not intend to take it off until he comes home safe and sound. I have given your site to many others who loved the bracelet. Even though I have his extra set of dog tags, they are not practical for me to wear most of the time. So this is a way that I can be close to him all the time. Thanks so much for the detailed attention you put into the bracelet. It really means a lot to me that others are supporting our troops in many different ways. GOD BLESS YOU. I'm sure I will be ordering something else very soon. Very pleased," Rebecca

"Thanks so much ... I look forward to wearing my bracelet. I'm the youngest daughter (although 40 still the baby of the family) of a very wonderful Dad who fought a brave 4 month battle with cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct/liver cancer) 4 years ago ... he was my pal and I miss him greatly. I have stage 2a breast cancer with 2 lymph nodes involved and although I've had severe blood count complications that have stopped my chemo at only 3 treatments, I can't even begin to justify complaining after what my Dad went through trying everything he could to stay with us. As I face upcoming radiation treatments (shortly after Christmas) and my life going forward with the ever present threat of cancer reoccurrence, I'll hold on to my Dad's courage and keep him close every time I look at my bracelet. You're doing a wonderful thing with your talents! Have a healthy and happy holiday!" Barb

"My loved one has returned from deployment safely, he was aboard the first ship to launch missiles in Operation Iraqi Freedom, I'm very proud of him of course and happy that he and his shipmates returned safely. I just wanted this for remembrance. Great idea! They look nice, thank you for doing this. There is so little that we can do during times like this, so the bracelet, is a reminder that we love them, pray for them and wish for peace. I'm thinking of buying one for my mother and mother in law, as a keepsake. Thanks again! Regards," Gina

"I received the Mother's and Children's Bracelets and they are lovely - I particularly like mine! They arrived on the 1st/2nd Dec last week and I was very impressed with the speed of delivery. With regard to your question in relation to duty - I had no additional cost to pay - I'm not sure what the situation is with other countries in Europe. Regards." Lisa - Ireland

"I just received my bracelet, and I am thrilled! it's even nicer than I expected. I will wear it every day , keeping my sweetheart with me at all times."

"The Mothers' Bracelet looks absolutely wonderful!!! I'm sure my wife will love it. Thank you so, much for making it and sending it out in such a short time. I showed the pic to a friend of mind and he will probably give you a call." Guillermo

"I got the package yesterday -- so fast! I love my Mothers Bracelet and am wearing it today. I know the girls are going to just love their bracelets and necklaces. I'm so excited to give them to them. Your packaging is really great, too. I'm thinking about putting them in the jewelry boxes as you sent them -- what a surprise! Again, thanks for getting those to me so quickly." Molly C. Z., Ph.D.

"Thanks so much! I LOVE IT! A perfect fit too! You really did a beautiful job, thanks! I'm sure you'll have quite a few people contacting you from over here. My friend already is talking about getting one as a Christmas present to a friend of hers whose husband just deployed. Thanks again! :-)" Deborah

"I can't tell enough how thrilled I am that I found your website! My mom and I wear a patriotic ribbon with an angel every day for my brother and the troops and I always wear a cloth bracelet that says GOD BLESS AMERICA...your Deployment Bracelet makes a wonderful addition and I'll wear it proudly. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!"

I received my Cancer Awareness Bracelet this morning and I think it's absolutely wonderful! It's beautiful and I will show it to everybody! Earl also thought it was special! It makes me feel like I am doing something to support his cause. Thanks so much for the extra time you put into making it just right! When I am discouraged I will look at it and it will remind me to keep the faith alive and continue to have hope for a cure. Thanks again, get ready to make more, I'm sure family members will also want one! Thanks again, you're the greatest! " Lissa

"I want to thank you for my bracelet. I received it today and it is wonderful. I love it. I just love it and it keeps my husband that much closer to my heart. Thank you," Tonya D. Germany

"I just received the Children's Personalized Bali Silver bracelets today. They look great and they got here fast. Thanks!" Angela R

I got my bracelet today and it fits perfectly!!!!!! Many thanks.....You're the greatest!!!!! I love it! Katie loves hers and we have told a lot of people and they want one. I will give them your brochure and let them contact you!!!! Thanks, again
P.S. One cannot ever have too many GOOD bracelets!!!!" Lissa

I ordered a Deployment Bracelet from you. I received it in the mail today. I wanted to let you know that it is absolutely gorgeous. Having my husband's name on my wrist makes me feel so much closer to him...even though he is thousands of miles away. Thank you so much!" Michelle P



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